Career Coaching & Confidence Coaching

Business executiveConfidence impacts many aspects of our lives; when we feel more confident we feel more in charge of what is going on in our world, including our career choices.

  • Greater emotional awareness
  • Remove fears and insecurities
  • Make better choices and decisions

The coaching process is personal, and focuses on attaining specific, positive changes in a fixed timeframe. This gives you tools and resources to make better decisions and manage your outcomes.

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Well-being Coaching
Well-being Coaching

Well-being coaching addresses anxiety, health and body confidence, using EFT as well as other techniques to change your emotions and self perception.

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Relationship Coaching
Relationship Coaching

A relationship coach can help you find and build a new relationship, improve existing relationships, or resolve serious rifts in long-term relationships.

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Coaching for:

  • Life plans & decisions
  • Career moves & changes
  • Motivation & performance
  • Behaviours & emotions
  • Relationships & communication
  • Short and long term goals
  • Disappointments in life

Why work with a life coach?

Coaching is a resource for you to explore, challenge or change something in yourself, either in your personal life or at work, usually by addressing areas such as confidence, self-esteem, motivation, performance, short and long-term goals, and at the same time, overcoming any mental or emotional barriers that hold you back.

As your coach you would expect me to have a broad range of experience and be an expert in my field; I would be able to create immediate rapport, so that I can understand a situation quickly, challenge assumptions, decisions, choices and behaviours, and at the same time work with you as a catalyst to bring credible, inspiring, realistic ideas and goals to the table.

As a professional coach I will be supportive, compassionate and challenging, helping you to think through, to tackle and resolve problems, whilst addressing any areas for change.

I'm ready!!

Am I coachable?

When choosing to work with a life coach, being coachable is essential, to ensure you gain maximum value from the coaching sessions and the relationship.

You should be willing to share your experiences; be open-minded about possibilities for change, and realistic about your strengths and weaknesses.

If you desire to be challenged, be the change you are aiming for and take full responsibility for your thoughts and actions, life coaching can help change your outlook and achieve success and happiness.

What we believe, we create

As the phrase "a self-fulfilling prophecy" suggests, whatever we truly believe, we focus on and therefore we tend to create; both those things we believe we want as well as what we don’t want.

Change your beliefs and change your life outcomes.