3 simple tips for a more balanced life

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3 simple tips for a more balanced life

17th April 2016
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So many of us live a life that is quite out of balance, we tend to pay a lot of attention to a few key areas and none at all to the other areas in our lives, that would enable us to create balance.

Many of my life coaching clients come to me very much aware that they feel a level of dissatisfaction in their lives because they concentrate so much on one area, often this is either work and their career, or family and children.

This can be fine for a while, and yet you may notice in your own life that you get to a point where you feel fed up, that there is no balance, that it feels very much as though its all or nothing and you are not happy.

We need balance in various areas, including work, family, friendships, sports, health, nutrition, well-being, hobbies, personal growth and more, in order to get an all round positive feeling about our lives.

When life is balanced it gives us a sense of fulfilment. This is because even when you find that one area of your life is not quite going to plan as you had hoped, there may be other areas in your life that are working well, and this will give you the inner strength and motivation to manage and rebalance those areas that are not quite right at the time.

Achieving balance in your life

To start you off with some thoughts on how to make small adjustments now to create a more balanced life for you, here are three simple tips:

  1. Decide what are the key areas you would like to include as part of your life being in balance pick six or eight from the list here: career, family, loving relationship, friends, finance, personal growth, contribution, spirituality, health, fitness, hobbies, well-being, nutrition, sports, leisure, self-confidence.
  2. To give yourself focus and to measure the change, create a goal in each area so that you have something specific to work towards.
  3. To create a change, to make something happen, every week take some time to focus on each of the goals in each area, so that you can see that a change is taking place, however gradual.

If you take the time to apply these three simple steps not only will you create more balance in your life in the near future, if you keep this going over the long-term, you will find that you feel happier and more fulfilled more often.

Can a life coach help?

Although working with a life coach is an ideal space to think this through, if you are disciplined and determined, you can easily do this alone; the great part is that with very little effort, over a short period of two to three months, you will notice that your life is more balanced, and that your efforts have paid off.

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