Life Coaching Fees

How much does it cost to work with a life coach in London?

The coaching fee varies according to the type of coaching package you decide suits you and your lifestyle best.  You can work with me in multiple ways: by phone or Skype, or face to face.

How often should I see you?

You may prefer regularly weekly sessions, or possibly fortnightly, depending on your schedule and the urgency that you wish to address the area you have chosen to use the coaching for.

For some people, it is more effective to have 2-3 very short coaching sessions per week, usually by phone, where they can use the coaching to address on-going matters that need attention.

And, you may find that a 2 hour session once a month is what you need to keep yourself on track with those areas you are working on creating change.

100% Confidential

Confidentiality assured

The relationship between a coach and a coachee is dependent on rapport and trust. The coaching sessions are 100% confidential and no part of the sessions will be disclosed under any circumstances, unless by prior agreement by the coachee, or if required by law.