Balance between positive and negative thoughts

Balance between positive and negative thoughts

18th April 2016
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Hello, my name is Natalie Dee, Im a personal life coach… in this video clip we will look at the concept of balance between our positive and negative thoughts.

Life is a balance, it is not all of one thing or another; where there is positive there is negative too, if there are up moments then there are down moments too.

Just like a magnet has a north and south end through which there is a magnetic force, when our two ends are in balance, we are most stable, and in our greatest strength.

Therefore in life we need to recognise and accept that all thoughts are relevant, both positive and negative; for balance to exist we will sometimes think positive thoughts and sometimes negative ones.

Because we are balanced beings, naturally we will be drawn to create balance in our thoughts, actions and behaviours.

Knowing that this balance is natural, and by understanding that every situation has its equal and direct opposite, my clients can manage the differing states they experience in their lives with greater ease.

This takes away the fear and pressure of having to always think positive? which is totally unrealistic!

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Thank you, Natalie Dee
London Life Coach
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