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Why do I need a business coach?

Business coaching is a very broad area, which can be broken down into management and leadership skills, communication, negotiation, sales and marketing and much more.

  • Leadership
  • Performance
  • Negotiation
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Conflict
  • Stress
  • Opportunity
  • Achievement
  • Balance

If you do decide to have coaching for performance in any of the areas mentioned here, one of the unique benefits of working with a business coach is that it is helpful to be able to learn coaching techniques which you can apply yourself in the workplace.

The reason for this is that a good manager is a great coach; therefore, always make sure that when you choose your business coach, you work with someone who will impart coaching techniques to enhance your own skills.

In the corporate environment there are various names given to business coaching, these include:

  • Leadership coaching where the role of the leaders in the business is important to bring about greater efficiency in the team players further down the hierarchy
  • Performance coaching this focuses on getting the best out of your employees when you know they have more to give, and a little guidance and encouragement will make a difference
  • Team coaching if your business requires teams of people to work well together, and there are mismatches in personalities affecting performance and outcome, team coaching works on bringing teams closer and focusing on common goals
  • Management coaching an approach to help management with areas that they are not accustomed to with, or confident with, regarding their managerial role.

The focus on each individual area can be useful and is often deemed to be essential to bring about effective changes and results.

Business coaching and mentoring is a relatively fast and efficient way to enhance communication, performance and goals at every level in your business, and is a small investment; it can deal with areas such as building confidence at work, which is a major issue often underlying insecurities; dealing with stress at work, again, we can try to hide this and eventually it shows up in the workplace; relationship conflict in teams, an area that can be hugely disruptive and that can be resolved with minor intervention.


High performance coaching

The focus is to work with professionals and high achievers where there may be a gap in their performing to their full potential, for a myriad of reasons. Working with a high performance coach, you can achieve optimal performance in the workplace, similarly to top performers in the world of sports.

Leadership development coaching

To help people in leadership positions perform at their best, by increasing their own personal awareness, expand potential in themselves and others; invest in, inspire and grow their teams.

Executive coaching

For senior executives who recognize the need and the benefit to to learn how to manage themselves better and how to engage with others.

Sole traders

When working entirely alone, work and commitments can be overwhelming, its easy to lose directions and drop the focus on business targets and goals; with the help of a high performance coach, you will maintain direction and focus, keep your eye on your vision and goals, set realistic targets and timescales and have someone to share dilemmas, work out decisions, resolve issues and stresses and be accountable to; all essential ingredients to ensure motivation, forward movement in your business and success.

Success in the first 90 days transition coaching

When moving into a new role, those first three months can be the most challenging; transition coaching focuses on successful integration and performance in the new role, creating credibility, maintaining motivation and momentum, and overcoming the challenges of the unknown and uncertainties of the new role.


Managing conflict at work

Dealing with relationship conflict in the workplace is vital and needs to be immediate, to maintain a positive and focused environment and avoid further disharmony.

Relationship conflict in teams

When personalities clash in the workplace, where team members disagree and get emotional, or take matters personally, intervention at the earliest can address the issues and bring balance and positive functioning back as quickly as possible; this is essential in the workplace, discord amongst employees causes disruption and lack of focus.

Dealing with verbal abuse at work

Verbally abusive relationships can occur in the workplace as well as at home; it is an adult form of bullying, whereby someone becomes the victim of another persons need to control. Coaching for both the bully and the victim, usually addressing self-esteem, self-worth and confidence underlies the behavior of both parties.

Anxiety in the workplace

Dealing with stress and anxiety at work is essential to enable employees to be focused and maximise their contribution in the workplace; coaching can help a person learn how to deal with anxiety so that they can manage their emotions and be better equipped to perform in the best possible way.

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