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When you want to find a career coach, where the emphasis is specifically on changes in your career – either to another role, another company, or within your current place of work – you need an experienced professional with business coaching or corporate coaching experience.

  • Dissatisfied
  • Unfulfilled
  • Overwhelmed
  • Unbalanced
  • Uninspired
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I want to change my career

How many times a year do you say to yourself I want to change my career Are you thinking about changing careers in your 30s? Or maybe you are planning how to change career at 40, or seeking a career change at 50. At any stage in your life, if you want to change career, there are a number of areas that may be wise to focus on, such as:

  • short and long term vision
  • temporary sacrifices of role, responsibility, status and financial remuneration.

When it comes to the best ways to consider how to change your career, find someone who will challenge all aspects relating to this very serious life change. This could be a life coach, or you might have a reliable person in your life, a mentor, who will be able to give you an unbiased and agenda free opportunity to think this through thoroughly.

Amelia, from London, a brilliant and very smart young lady in her mid-20s came to see me about what to do next in her career:

I’m still quite early in my career and trying to make some really big decisions about what to do next. I felt paralysed and a little trapped by my current success in a role that wasnt really fulfilling or exciting me. So I decided to get in touch with Natalie to see if she could help and she definitely did! Natalie was calm and relaxing but probed me and pushed me to really think without going round in circles. She helped me to draw out my skills, but also what motivates me. We worked together to build an idea of different careers or industries that might suit me and how to present myself in each scenario to really show my worth. It gave me the courage to take the leap and leave my job! Im now trying out different short term projects and contracts and building a stronger picture of what I want to do. Its exciting! I have no doubt that when I’m ready to make the next big decision I’ll return to Natalie to work it through with her.


Help preparing for job interviews

Interview preparation is essential; chances are you have been in the same company for a number of years and you may have been great at interviews when you got this last job. You may not have been on the other side of an interviewer for a number of years. Get this part right from the start and it will help you with improving self esteem, which is a huge part of job interviews and being successful in your new role.

If you are in the process of changing careers and find you are dealing with interview nerves, do call me for a chat and often a few focused sessions can help you overcome this and set you on your path to your new career.

Harriet from Finsbury Park, North London: wanted to make a career move although she was so skilled at her current role, she easily moved from one role to the next, and rose to a more senior position each time:

When I turned 40 I wanted to focus on something I love to do in the creative arena rather than the retail industry I had been part of for over 17 years. The coaching enabled me to make the major decision to leave my safe secure and permanent role. Having taken some time out, I’m now focusing on my hobby, gaining qualifications and certification, and I have changed my income route to contract work, so that I can work flexibly and follow my true passion. Today I am happier and fulfilling a life dream, rather than just working to live.


Preparing for a career change

This is as much of a mental shift as a physical change. When we are accustomed to doing a particular job for a lengthy period of time, we are likely to resist change and learning something new; this is often associated with fear of the unknown, safety in what is familiar and the fact that we may need to take a few steps back in order to be able to leap forward in the future, and this does not appeal to everyone.

Career change at any age and at any stage in your life takes courage, self-belief and confidence combined with time to explore and choose the right move for you; therefore, it would be wise to invest time in talking to the people who can guide and support you through this process, as a life coach can do.

Changing careers in your 30s

For a multitude of reasons, so many of us fall into a job rather than choose a career; if you are fortunate enough to recognise this early on and take charge of your life and change career in your 30s, this will give you more time to choose, explore and then build up a career of your choice.

How to change career at 40

This could be exciting and/or daunting; many people will think about career changes at 40, and yet, just as many may not feel the inner strength and drive to do something about this, and will often ask: Can I really have a new career at 40? Anything is possible when we set our minds to it. Ideally, with any major life decision and life change, it would be wise to do some planning, work out what you want that has both meaning and longevity for you, and build in the steps so that you can comfortably transition from your career today to the new career you wish to be doing.

Career change at 50

And why not! Sometimes we simply want something new and different; sometimes our values change, our needs change and how we view life and what we want from life changes, too. As time goes by and we reach our 50s, we may want different things out of a job, therefore, a career change can be a positive step forward towards our own personal fulfilment.

When I started the career coaching I was very dissatisfied with my full time job… I had to think differently about what could potentially give me what I wanted and needed from my working life… Since completing the coaching I have made significant changes in my job and feel much more optimistic about having a working life that gives me what I need personally as well financially.

Executive career change

There are different challenges at different stages of your career, and the higher up the ladder you are, the more specific you may find you are about the career change you are going to instigate.

Executive career coaching, often referred to as senior executive coaching will include focus on long-term goals, values, legacy and other specific and personal achievements you will want to include in a career move at this stage in your life.

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