Fear of flying

Fear of flying

Fear of flying

20th February 2016

More than once I have found myself sitting next to someone on a plane that is clearly absolutely terrified of flying.

They tremble, they bury their head in their arm, they clutch onto the person next to them, and you just know this person is going through purgatory.

Flying has been proven to be quite safe, in comparison to the other risks we run every day, crossing the road, driving, running for a bus.

Is your fear irrational?

I remember once reading a blog written by a flight attendant who himself was scared of flying until he learnt all about flying by doing the training to become a flight attendant, and that on the majority of flights, even if something does go wrong, the plane does land safely.

Yet the facts are not enough to deter a person who feels this fear to change the way they feel when they get on a plane.

The fear of flying can create intense anxiety in your mind, and this can cause a panic reaction in your body. The more these emotions increase, the more you caught in a hamster wheel of fear and negativity, with what seems to be, no escape.

There are superb courses run by various airlines that can help you change your perception of flying and reduce or possibly eliminate the fear.

Relaxation techniques for flying anxiety

You can learn a variety of relaxation techniques that can be a great resource prior to and during flights, so that you can control your emotions and be calmer overall.

And, there is usually a trigger somewhere in your history that brought about this perception and belief that flying is something to fear, and that is how you made that decision and that is why you feel that fear each time you fly.

There are simple and effective techniques both with NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming and EFT Emotional Freedom Technique that you can use to work out the fear trigger and adjust your perception of that trigger so that it no longer affects you to the same degree if at all. Our minds are like computers and whatever programme we have installed we run repeatedly without questioning it; these can be changed and your experience of flying can be changed too.

Fly without fear

Being free to fly without fear gives you so many choices and so much freedom, it opens the doorway to explore the world and learn about new places and cultures. Whichever path you choose, if you want more from your life, more travel and new experiences, dont let anything stop you, there are always many methods to achieve what you want. Go for it!

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