Feeling stuck?

Feeling stuck?

11th April 2013

When our lives are just ticking along, when overall things are working and progressing as we want and expect them to, all is fine. And then, there are times when we feel “stuck” — this could be on a project at work, or in our lives in general.

A common question my life coaching clients ask me, or ask themselves, is: “Where do I go from here ?¬®What next?”

Whether they’ve achieved the life, career, relationship or financial goals they had set themselves, or whether they cannot see a solution to a problem they are working on, the feeling is one of being “stuck” and not knowing what to do next, how to tackle an issue or what they want from their lives.

Seek help from outside your close circle

At times like this it is often useful to seek input from another source, and although family, friends and colleagues can be helpful, often we don’t want their opinions or judgement, or to be seen to be vulnerable in their eyes.

A life coach is a convenient and practical alternative; with no agenda, no judgement and lots of support and cerebral challenge, you can have the space and time to think through and explore what the alternatives are for you. What you want and what you don’t want; what you believe and what you are afraid of; what works for you, what matches your values and life goals and what really doesn’t resonate or appeal.

Find some space to think

At times, we simply need space and time to work out what’s best for us, so that we can make the right decisions for us in our lives.

Would an opportunity like this help you right now in any way in your life? If so, call me for a chat, Natalie Dee London life coach on:

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