Happiness in Simplicity

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Happiness in Simplicity

28th October 2015

When I see how easy it is to please  my puppy giving her the freedom to run around in a safe open space, or  splash through streams at top speed, I wonder how we human beings can find pleasure in simple things in our lives too.

As a life coach I see a lot of people  who have achieved a lot in various areas of their lives and yet they dont necessarily feel happy, fulfilled or satisfied.

Personal fulfillment comes from within

This is not something anyone can teach you; its a place you can get to when the time is right for you, by doing this yourself.

You could ask yourself:  What do you think contributes to feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction?  How real, how true and how valid are those thoughts?

A life coaching tip to help you on the path to find happiness in simplicity is: if you can start by simply challenging those moments when you think you are not happy and give yourself a way out, so that you can just feel OK, feel calmer and possibly more at ease in those moments, you may find that it becomes easier to feel happier more often.

Keep it simple

Remember its the simple things in life that tends to bring us a sense of happiness and fulfilment; notice more of those and you will find that overall you do feel so much better.

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