How to be confident in a job interview

How to be confident in a job interview

9th April 2016
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Hello, my name is Natalie Dee, Im a personal life coach… here I will discuss 4 tips on How to Be Confident When going for a Job Interview.

Here are a few simple tips to help you be more confident when going for a job interview:

  1. Be clear and honest with yourself about the skills, abilities, experience you have that are suitable for the job and focus on those.
  2. Know that you can play the part? pretend you are confident, you may find you are more comfortable when you play the part than you ever imagined you could be.
  3. Remember that who you are and what you offer won’t suit everyone all of the time, and thats OK!! A job interview as a two-way process you are learning as much about the job, the company, and the people, as they are about you; use the interview to explore whether or not you want to work there too.
  4. Remember to do some background research on the company, so that you know something about who they are what they do; and prepare some interesting questions to ask during the interview process.

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