How to progress in your career

How to progress in your career

18th April 2016
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Hello, my name is Natalie Dee, Im a personal life coach… in this video clip we will look at 8 tips on how to progress in your career.

If you want to progress in your career, here are 8 tips that will get you moving in the right direction:

  1. Evaluate your career make sure your current career path is aligned with your interests and priorities
  2. Clearly determine your goals this will keep you in the right direction
  3. Plan out your path so that you know the steps to move to the next level
  4. Speak with management be sure that the right people know your goals and intentions
  5. Volunteer to head projects this shows initiative, and builds new skills
  6. Keep up-to-date – read reports and be aware of changing trends
  7. Network increase your visibility in your industry and within your company, gain and develop useful contacts
  8. Excel where you are – your positive attitude and great performance will speak for itself.

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Thank you, Natalie Dee
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