Motivate your team

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Motivate your team

6th March 2016
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However large or small your team, whether its a team at work or a sports team, the essence of a team is to create an outcome together, to be productive together, to enhance each others skills and abilities to get the best possible result.

When I play tennis I am always looking for opportunities to motivate my partner, to give her positive feedback, an encouraging word, because the more confident and respected she feels the better she will perform, so as a team, we will achieve a better result!¬†And sometimes her shots aren’t that great and she berates herself and rather than nodding in agreement, I say something uplifting to show that it has no meaning, that the moment has passed, that we can ignore minor errors, and only focus on our achievements and successes.

Focus on the positive

This is important because whatever we focus on expands; therefore, we focus only on what you want more of, such as the fast deep low shots that the other team struggle to return.

The same principle applies in every team; there’s the team at the office, the husband and wife team at home, the sports team to name a few.

In every team situation, learn to give positive encouraging feedback to each other, avoid criticism, judgement and negativity, this only demotivates and detracts from a person’s confidence, and their belief in themselves and overall in their ability to contribute.

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