Prioritising what's urgent in life

Project Description

 Feb 29, 2016

Hello, my name is Natalie Dee, I’m a personal life coach, in this video clip we will look at the concept of Prioritising What’s Really Urgent in Life

There are so many things that we define as “urgent”, yet my question to you is: do those things really matter? Think about those things that you said were urgent: phone calls, emails, shopping lists, and now ask yourself: did they really matter?

We tend to believe that things need to be done within a specific time frame.

Yet, looking back we can often see that what we thought was urgent didn’t really matter.
So what does really matter in life?

Your health, your family, your friends; being kind, considerate and patient to yourself and others.

My tip is: prioritise what really matters in your life

Everything else that needs to get done, will get done, in due course.

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