Testimonial - Career coaching - London

I have worked with Natalie for the past 4 years. During that time I have been promoted to a more senior position within my organization and my team has doubled in size.I attribute much of my recent professional success directly to the coaching sessions I have had with Natalie. After each session I feel inspired, energetic, and definitely more confident. I have worked with Natalie on issues ranging from identifying and pre-empting ingrained behaviour and habits to very concrete topics such as preparing and rehearsing for presentations or changing my body language and vocabulary to appear more confident in meetings. I am now able to focus on my strengths, practise positive thinking and through this journey I believe I have become a better boss, colleague and even friend and family member. Natalie is incredibly insightful, down-to-earth and she knows instinctively when and how much to push and encourage to get you to get to the right answer for yourself. I would recommend Natalie to anyone, of any age or profession: she will help you to deal with any challenges or topics you want to further reflect upon.